Automate the tracking of your Ethereum Wallet

Automate the tracking of your wallet(s) with the Cryptoplex Management App.

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Automate tracking for

Net Worth

24 Hour Wallet Change

Lifetime Performance

Download the application

Will be available for download the app on the Android Store during beta release. It will be available on the Apple Store Fall 2018.

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App Features

Wallet net worth tracking

Track the net worth of your wallet.

Wallet 24 hour change

See the 24 hour change of your wallet.

Lifetime Portfolio Performance

The app will keep track of your portfolio's lifetime performance.

Display Transaction History

See the entire transaction hisotry of your wallet and filter it out via coin/token, transaction date, amount, ect.

See each transaction in USD

See each transaction in USD based upon the time it was traded.

No personal information needed

We do not require any sort of private or personal information!

Payment Tiers

Premium plan


Tier 1, with relevant news feed based upon current wallet holdings.

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Basic plan


Free Wallet Tracking with wallets under 5000 transactions.

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Advanced plan


Export entire portfolio for tax purposes. Vaild for Wallets under 5000 transactions.

Spring 2019

The Team

Austin Akers


Rashad Barnett